New fashion lines for office furniture design

New fashion lines for office furniture design

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The design of office furniture depends on the nature of the work and the atmosphere that suits it. There are two types of offices, managers and staff.

The offices of directors and officials, according to the office furniture manager at one of Hamza Abu Al-Zahab's furniture showrooms, are based on designs that include oak or aluminum with chrome, painted in dark colors, such as dark brown to create a classic ambience.

He notes that "office solutions" were created by designing offices of different sizes, depending on the room space studied before the design process.

Abu Al-Zahab added that the system of electrical extensions was recently approved for staff offices with the distribution of medical chairs to provide comfort, because of the nature of their work that require sitting on the chair for hours, such as employees of banks and media institutions.

Abu Al-Zahab goes on to say that there is a fashion in the design of offices that is different from every year, pointing out that the fashion of the year is moving towards chairs with sponge-treated, in addition to the design of the offices of the "Securit", in line with the glass facades in modern construction.

It is worth mentioning that the "office space" service has emerged in the furniture exhibitions of certain companies, in order to reflect the nature of office designs that differ from one company to another.

As for the colors of the paint in the office, Abu Al-Zahab points out that it varies according to the location. The blue color is used in places that reflect the accuracy of the work and professionalism, and often in clinics or offices dealing with numbers, such as stock exchanges.

As for institutions that are interested in a comfortable atmosphere, such as schools, it is preferable, as Abu-Zahab points out, that the colors of the paint be derived from green.

Companies and official institutions tend to be black in their office designs, such as ministries and law firms.

For office accessories from paper folders and pens, Abu-Zahab notes that they are usually modeled on the office model and can be supported by extras such as fashion designers who prefer to add accessories that are in line with the wheel, .

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